Last Edited: Thursday, August 19, 2010 - 11:46 PM
Thank you to all the testers and builders who are still in the process of testing and helping to build my latest version releases. This page contains all the people who I know have helped me and/or are testing for me. If you would like to be listed and are not, email me at or post a comment below.

Acknowledgments to the Co-Builders
Thanks to the people who promised to make assets for my game. Below is a list of people who are more or less actively helping to build my game and/or helping to script it. Users are [not] listed in any particular order.

- Android (FX and Music)
- GTR34 (Modo 401 Modeling)
- SebfromNZ (3d Prop Modeling)
- Christian4Mac (Scripting and Ideas)
- Leepo (Networking Help)
- AppleSky (Scripting and Google Queries)
- Aubrey Falconer (General Scripting and Game Development Help)

Acknowledgments to the Skype Testing Team
Below is more or less a complete list of the active testing team. If you would like to use a different alias than the one provided below, please contact me using the contact information provided above. Users are [not] listed an any particular order.

- KingDvo
- Cheezburger
- Tesla
- Tim
- Fai
- GTR34
- TechieTotoro
- Christian4Mac
- Android
- SebfromNZ
- AppleSky
- TigerStorm

Other Acknowledgements
Last but not least the people who don't have Skype (or don't use it often enough) but still test anyways. Thank you for your ongoing support behind the scenes.

- Geek377
- Blam-Blam21
- September Artist (Arayal)
- [the Unity IRC testers]


  1. This game is awesome Achilles. Keep up the good work!

  2. SICK!!! online play would be pretty cool!

  3. dude!!!! win. epic win. what did u use for the physics on the jet one? theyre a little intense, so i suggest you either boost the thrusters, or change the physics. but other than that, WIN! i sat around for like 10 minutes just flyin around.

  4. Aww me off the list? I play whenever there is an update. And I ve spread the word...

  5. I revised the page just now, Geek377. The last time this page was cleaned out was just under 1 month ago ;)

  6. I'm on there!!! :)
    I feel like I haven't contributed very much though as you're really doing all the work ;)
    Ah I know. I'll make a map for ya! I'm a genius!!!! :P

  7. Uh... how can I play with my own nickname here. I´d like to take advantage of full screen and can´t use it on Kongregate. And really hate playing as guest.

  8. Anonymous, you can register your own nickname in the game. It should prompt you if you haven't already registered.

  9. *sigh* Why aren't I included in the list? T_T


  10. This site is very old so I don't update it anymore. You're welcome to browse, however.

  11. WooT first comment in about half a year. I tried to play the demo but I couldn't get the code right. Very hard to read.

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