Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dual Update

Hello again! After modeling and trashing and modeling a new buggy/car for my game I still have not made and acceptable model. Every one that I make either seems too long or to short. So, I now turn to you: my fellow testers to help me create a model for my game. There is no solid "deadline" for making the model; just as soon as you can do it - and within this week. Below is a picture of my latest attempt (it looks ugly on the back side though).

My latest attempt at modeling a car. (Click to enlarge)

My second update on this post is the addition of a first version jet to my game. It is still in a major prototype phase and the stalling physics still need a lot of work. You can play it online for free by clicking the link below:

- Steering is ARROW keys
- Throttle is "e"
- Reverse is "q"
- Shoot by clicking

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