Monday, May 17, 2010

Version 1.1.0 Release

This version release contains a new map that I made specifically for my game. In this new map there are crates/boxes to shoot! The mini-gun on the car (operated by pushing "2"), now is available for a trial run. I am considering making it rotate however, so expect more changes in the near future to the mini-gun.

Updated Features
- Updated map
- Operational mini-gun
- Improved shock absorbers
- Improved handling
- Ammo display
- Shiny guns (instead of the old dull metallic material)
- Improved braking

Upcoming Features (to be released in the next version)
- Improved overall stability (braking, handling, etc.)
- New rocket smoke trail
- New rocket explosion
- Rotating mini-gun
- Improved muzzle flash (for mini-gun)
- Improved map (with better water textures)
- More targets
stay tuned for more!

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