Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Major Update #2 - Team vs. Team Battles!

Hello everyone! I am proud to announce Carbon Combat version 1.4.0. This version includes a lot of things promised in the previous "major update" and much, much more. The largest feature is the Team vs. Team battles that I just created. This is the first version of the team battles, so I'm still adding more features onto it (such as a list of who is on what team on startup). Below is a version change-log and the newest installment of my "Carbon Combat Promotional Poster". Enjoy!

[Edit] If you decide to test Carbon Combat independently and encounter a bug, be sure to use my new Bug Reporter form! You can access it in the game by clicking the "report bug" button in the main menu.

Below is what was added in this version:

- New red vs. blue team battles
- Completely fixed networking problems - 100% success rate
- New private server that hosts the Unity resource file for Carbon Combat
- New player badges with player health and name - increased viewing distance
- New private player chat and team chat
- New chat commands toolbar located under the chat window
- Fixed re-spawning problem
- Vastly improved hover/flying mode - much easier to control
- New in-game terrain scene (after the world loads)
- Random re-spawn angle in base
- Cloaking flashes when hit while invisible
- New billboards (2) located around the map
- New health pickups (red pills) scattered around the map
- New health bar display
- Revised laser
- Overall increased optimization for meshes and textures
- New and improved collision detection with mesh colliders - prediction system
- New sound FX (laser, rocket launch, barrel explosion, car explosion, hard impact, etc.)
- Game optimization for Intel GMA graphics type cards - 15 - 20 FPS
- Login window saves player name as a preference
- Zoom-outable minimap (2x zoom maximum)
- Improved gun controller - less jittery
- Disconnect button now requires confirmation
- Menu button links now open in a new window (as opposed to redirecting you)
and more...

Below is what to expect in the next major update:

- FPS mode (might or might not - need to take a poll)
- More maps (as always)
- Better optimization for lower end computers
- In-game options menu with sound FX adjusters
- Vehicle upgrades
- More vehicles
- Player login and scoring
- Team kills (highscore) chart
- Game count-down timer for battles
- Objective-based battles (capture the flag, deaths, base possession)
and more...

New Carbon Combat Promotional Poster
Here is the latest Carbon Combat promo poster that I made (click to enlarge). Enjoy!

Click to enlarge (it looks better)

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