Monday, August 16, 2010

Version 1.3.0 Release - Major Update

Hello, I realize that I haven't been posting updates on this blog for quite a while. Even so, Carbon Combat has progressed enormously between this version and the last; just because I didn't post anything doesn't mean that C.C. wasn't updated. There are some huge improvements such as a 150% increase in FPS for almost all users. Also, there is an updated and revised ammo counter, and some very, very, smooth networking interpolation.

[Edit] One important thing that I also added is a working full-screen mode. The full screen mode reduces game lag by a bunch. Mac users can access the full screen mode by pressing Option + f. Windows users can access the full screen mode by pressing Alt + f.

After staying with Dropbox for quite a while now, I have just recently decided that I need to switch because of Dropbox's incredibly slow download rate of data. The new hosting platform I am using is DriveHQ - it has a decently fast download rate. The main play link has been updated accordingly.

Below is what has been updated or added in this version:

- Improved networking stability
- Extreme optimization for both streaming and in-game
- Improved ammo HUD display
- Increased webplayer streaming rate (DriveHQ)
- New splash screen with CarbonTech logo
- New exploding oil barrels with live shrapnel
- New futuristic barricades placed around both the red and blue bases
- Majorly improved collision detection for both rockets and lasers
- New crashed landed U.S.S. Vengeance ship
- New turrets around both dead bases (neutral bases)
- New dead pine trees scattered around battle area
- New dirt trails that lead around the island
- Fixed quality settings adjuster
- Increased GUI texture quality
- Updated minimap texture display
- New world pre-loader in main menu
- Updated Master Server wait time
- Fixed game list flashing
- Updated and improved chat censoring - now censors systematically
- Updated face normals for all meshes - hard angles are now clean
and more...

What to expect in later versions

- Revised laser
- Team vs. Team battles
- More optimization and increased FPS
- More maps
- Health display
- Expandable minimap
- Options menu with audio and visual adjustments
- Player login with scoring
- More vehicles (very much in the future)
- Vehicle upgrades
- Streamed worlds and custom texture images
- Disconnect confirm GUI
and more...


  1. Finally!

    This version is pretty awesome, but I'm really waiting for the next version. I really like all the features you want in later versions!

  2. Could you use another name for posting comments besides "Admin". It becomes confusing as to who is who.

    - CarbonTech Software Admin

  3. I'm so sorry... :(

    I like that name.... Totoro doesn't look good on blogs... I'll just sign my name on new comments.


  4. Love the new GUI. And the updates are cool. Now I know why you were busy!!